Luglio is an extemporaneous reworking of the private dialogue between the Berlin-based sound artist Felicity Mangan. Each collaboration begins with an exchange of images and text before getting together in person, as a map to follow and betray during the presentation. Luglio in its pliable form is activated by both performers upon the stage—on a par with each other in holding and remodeling the morphing psychographic and immediate landscape.

The dance explores the body as a malleable and changeable material, transforming the space in a place in a constantly changing process of becoming. Felicity Mangan builds the sound space exploring the timbre of animal voices and field recordings to create minimal quasi-bioacoustic environments.

The title Luglio, equally changeable, takes on variations from time to time derived from the spaces inhabited by the performance.

Luglio is a part of the choreographic project ARCIPELAGO/PRATICHE DI ABITAZIONE TEMPORANEA, actions built to be experienced in non-theatrical spaces.

So far, it took place in:
Firenze (Hortus Festival, 2020 ),
Berlino (Schloss Biesdorf, a cura di Creamcake, 2020),
Bologna (Cimitero Monumentale della Certosa, 2021).

Sull'azione salutare del magnetismo animale e della musica

Conceived for some of the visitable areas of the Certosa Monumental Cemetery, the performance was born from the exchange of a series of suggestions that investigated the still, silent space of the cemetery as a place vibrant with particular forms of information. Among the figures observed, Anna Bonazinga D'Amigo and Pietro D'Amato, she a psychic, somnambulist and healer, he founder of the Società Magnetica d'Italia, both renowned practitioners of mesmerism, have contributed to a cognitive approach based on the possible relationships and material transmissions between the different entities, mineral, vegetable and animal, that inhabit the cemetery.

In this context, the artists have invited the dancer and choreographer Cristina Kristal Rizzo to relate to the environment they have conceived, in an attempt to take their intuitions elsewhere, thanks to the language and body sensitivity of another authorship.

Special guest Cristina Kristal Rizzo.
Thanks to Caned Icoda.
Curated by Caterina Molteni, promoted by Istituzione Bologna Musei, MAMbo, Museo Civico del Risorgimento in collaboration with Bologna Servizi Cimiteriali.


Created for 3hd 2020, Luglio. Echolocation is staged on a former tennis court, and it takes inspiration from the biosonic tactics and inaudible shrills of Berlin’s Schloss Biesdorf bat colony. These predators size up their prey in the darkness of their cave habitat.

3hd is a hybrid festival curated by Creamcake, a Berlin-based, interdisciplinary platform negotiating the point of convergence in music, visual art, and performance, as well as digital culture and the contemporary discourse surrounding it. Creamcake provides a stage where dominant power structures and their effects on technology, sexuality, identity and the creative arts can be explored.